Keep In Touch | Manage

Monthly Cost
Manage + Distribute + Create | 90 minutes in studio
Onboarding meeting with Director of Operations
Branding/Logo/Tagline created (if needed)
Intro/Outro created for video content and YouTube channel
90 minutes in-studio recording session
Content reviewed & edited
im3 publishes content to client’s social media platforms weekly | Facebook & Instagram
im3 distributes weekly video email campaign
im3 publishes to client’s YouTube Channel
Video Title
Social Media Description
Customized Thumbnail Graphic
Audience: Not for kids
Recording Date & Location (where client is from)
Category: People & Blogs
End Screens
Add body of script in YouTube Description
Subtitles if needed
Care & Assistance:
Weekly check-ins with your project coordinator
Follow-up on finalizing your scripts prior to production
Edits made to content per clients request after reviewing