The 4 Corners Strategy | 1:MANY

Here at im3rd Media, we believe in helping you touch every corner of your network as efficiently as possible! Let’s take a look at who is in each corner of your network and how we can help you save time and energy by consolidating your efforts as you stay connected to your 4 corners!

4 Corners | Who’s In Each Corner

CORNER 1 — Family & Friends Your family and friends are the closest corner of your network. You connect with them on a 1:1 ratio - usually through calls, texts, coffee, dinner, or small gatherings. They are the corner that trusts you the most on both a personal and professional level.
CORNER 2 — Past Clients Your past clients and their families and friends are the the second closest corner of your network. You connect with them on a 1:1 ratio - usually through calls, text, emails, or professional meetings. They extend you a great amount of trust because of past experience or the referral of someone else’s past professional experience with you.
CORNER 3 — Physical Community Your physical community is a semi-close corner of your network. You periodically connect with them in-person, but it is often on a 1:Many ratio - usually through routine gatherings or infrequent functions. While some members of your physical community may know you very well, there are many who only know you at the acquaintance level. As a general rule, this corner of your network extends you trust solely based on your membership or association with the physical community you have in common. However, it does take more effort to be seen and known and to establish professional trust within this corner.
CORNER 4 — Online Community Your online community is the farthest corner of your network and continues to grow and change. Your connection with this corner is limited to online sources, mainly social media, on a 1:Many ratio. The online community has no previous relationship or affiliation upon which to base their trust, so you must present yourself to be seen, known, and trustworthy.

1:MANY | Touching All 4 Corners Through Social Video

Life is full and time quickly disappears amidst your busy schedule! 1:1 contact with your network is possible in corner 1, gets harder in corners 2 and 3, and is impossible in corner 4. BUT, 1:Many marketing CAN be executed in such a way as to maintain contact and reach all 4 corners at the same time. In this fast-paced world we live in, it is your job to make yourself public - to be SEEN! We are here to show you how to carry out a time-efficient 1:Many marketing strategy that will reach every corner of your network effectively, relationally, and professionally.